About Us

The Queen's Space Conference is an annual student-run conference that has taken place every year for over a decade. The QSC executive team is comprised of 22 passionate students from different disciplines and backgrounds that come together to provide opportunities for our conference delegates every year. We strive to bring impactful speakers to our conference to deliver enriching presentations and to help students break into the industry by facilitating networking opportunities and connections. Meet our executive team below! If you have questions/inquiries you can click on the email buttons next to the team titles.

—The Team—

QSC Chairs

headshot of Aislyn Watson

Aislyn Watson


headshot of Grant Hurley

Grant Hurley


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Logistics Team

headshot of Dani Zhao

Dani Zhao

Logistics Director

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headshot of Alexis Paredes

Alexis Paredes

Logistics Coordinator

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headshot of Henry Bruin

Henry Bruin

Events Coordinator

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Finance Team

headshot of Mischa Kapp

Mischa Kapp

Finance Director

headshot of Cameron Bass

Cameron Bass

Finance Coordinator

Sponsorships Team

headshot of Andrew Poltoranos

Andrew Poltoranos

Sponsorships Director

headshot of Willson Bonney

Willson Bonney

Sponsorships Coordinator

headshot of Emily Heit

Emily Heit

Sponsorships Coordinator

Speakers Team

headshot of Maya Kerzner

Maya Kerzner

Speakers Director

headshot of Sophia Watson

Sophia Watson

Speakers Coordinator

headshot of Ariya Gupta

Ariya Gupta

Speakers Coordinator

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Delegates Team

headshot of Isabelle Pena Garcia

Isabelle Pena Garcia

Delegates Director

headshot of Isaiah Yoder

Isaiah Yoder

Internal Delegates Coordinator

headshot of Alexander J.M. Kapty

Alexander J.M. Kapty

External Delegates Coordinator

Marketing Team

headshot of Mikayla Schoner-Crabtree

Mikayla Schoner-Crabtree

Marketing & IT Director

headshot of Rebecca Dudley

Rebecca Dudley

Marketing Coordinator

IT & Web

headshot of Rory Macdonald

Rory Macdonald

IT Lead & Webmaster

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First Year Reps

headshot of Carolyn McKenna

Carolyn McKenna


headshot of Yusuf Jaffer

Yusuf Jaffer


headshot of Marie-Pier